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    Quader Al-Kher Factory for Cooling and Air-Conditioning

    Company Activities:

    The Company has along Experience at the field of  Cooling and Air-Conditioning, Electrical andMechanical works as below:


    Supplying Spare parts of Cooling and Air-Conditioning

    The Company has a wide range base of Suppliers outside the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia specially in U.S.A and Europe where we can supply all kinds ofSpare Parts of Central Air-conditioners.


    Maintenance of Central Air-conditioners.                     

    Our Maintenance Staffs who on duty around the hour and supported withfleet of Maintenance’s cars ,and With the Favor of that we can provide the beststandards of services and comfort for the customer.


    Electrical and Mechanical works

    Electrical and Mechanical works are varied in the field ofElectro-mechanic into different kinds of works such as: Electric Supplies and ElectricalStations’ Installation, Sanitary Supplies, Fire Systems, Control works ,andworks of Reconditioning the systems of Electricity and Air-Conditioning.

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