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Quader Al-Kher  Group is a pioneer national Group is workingin Operational Field, Maintenance of Residential, Entertainment ,and MedicalBuildings and operational works of Factories whereas we provide TrainedTechnicians in all different Fields and Specialties such as Steel, Electrical, Sewage,Cooling, Air-conditioning works. As well as we provide Ad–hoc Equipments ofaccomplishing all the required works. Quader Al-Kher  Group has a special Section for Iron ,andAluminum  works, Glass Installment, worksof Metal Forming and Shaping. Besides we provide Technicians to carry out allworks as away towards reaching the zenith of professional Performance standardsmeanwhile we provide technical support, Quality, and comfort for our Customers.


We have aroundhour ready Staff to be distributed for serving in a short time. In addition, weare able to provide efficient professional individuals who have the requiredspecialized skills whether your service’s needs are Temperate or Permanentwhereas the team is periodically undergone to Intensive Training Courses inorder to raise their credentials and professional performance under supervisionof Specialists in all fields.


We alwaysendeavor to provide the best services in accordance with the Qur’anic Verse ”Andsay: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and HisMessenger, and the Believers”.

Why us?

Our Vision:

QuaderAl-Kher Establishment is going to be among the International Companiesthroughout various Strategies whether on the long run or the short run which achieverational and progressive standards of revenues to be invested in return for thebenefit on community. While dealing with  Quader Al-Kher Establishment, you will touch the high degree of qualityand these are not mere words but exceeds far as our culture is tangiblepromoting power.


Our Values:              

1-   Cooperative Success.

2-   Team work’s Spirit.

3-   Persistence.

4-   Commitment.

5-   Eagerness.


Our Slogan:

ØWe do fear Allah and know thatAllah is The Watchful of all our deeds.

ØWe do respect our word beforerespecting our contracts.

ØConducting positively up toexpectations of our customers whereas their satisfaction is our distinction.

ØBuilding and gaining thecustomer’s trust.    



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